UX Writer & Content Strategist


As a child, I cataloged our entire book collection, painstakingly writing short synopsis and topics on index cards by hand. I had wanted to create a better user experience for when I just couldn’t find that book with the log cabin and bonnets that takes place somewhere in America. (Answer: It’s “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Sadly, my meticulous catalog didn’t catch on in my family (and I ran out of index cards.) However, these days I still get to fuse my love of language, writing, identifying patterns, and categorization with my zeal for creating better user experiences of all stripes.

I'm a UX writer and content strategist with solid basics in UX design focusing on simplifying complex subjects into user-friendly experiences to create products that are useful and usable.

I have 13 years of industry experience helping bring products and experiences to global audiences, including copywriting, editing, internationalization and project management from Snapfish, LinkedIn and Netflix.


What I've been up to lately