How do you create context and provide a successful localization of idioms or a line from a movie? In this case the line is "Put the lotion in the basket" from the film The Silence of the Lambs. The quote is often used to describe events or objects that are extraordinary in some way.

For the image used with this social media post, there is also a connection between sunscreen and summer. 

A strategy for localization would be a line about not needing sunscreen or sunglasses when watching Netflix or an emotional appeal to relax with Netflix and new releases over the next few months.


Imagining Ourselves

As the Editorial Manager, I led “Imagining Ourselves,” a global project of the International Museum of Women targeted towards a new generation of women between the ages of 20 and 40, posing the question "What defines your generation?" Approximately 300 entries were selected from over 3000 responses across 105 countries.

Is Valentine's Day a thing there? Valentine's Day can be considered a global celebration of love, but it may not get the same attention in Sweden as it does in the U.S. and some countries like Japan celebrate their own similar day of love on a different date.

To appeal to the Swedish user, this ad needed to include movies which are popular in the market using familiar title graphics. This is why the movie "Silver Linings Playbook" uses the Swedish title "Du gör mig galen" (You Make Me Crazy) in this Social Media post. Adapting the product to the market and utilizing copy and translations that conform to market conventions leads to a frictionless and hyper local experience.


A huge challenge was to find a way to categorize the various submissions as they came in. Using a basic tagging approach, I was able to discern patterns and create four major themes for the anthology and online exhibit.

Few things are more intimate than our relationship with our body. In this theme of Imagining Ourselves we explored beauty and self-image, relationships with others, personal reflection and self-development.

This theme contains snapshots of young women engaged with the larger world. Both in the workforce and the public sphere in an age when access to mobility is increasing for many women.

While cataloging the submissions to the project, the theme of straddling two or more worlds emerged. As borders and identities blur, how do we hold on to our culture and our generational relationships?

There's a sense we are at an imminent juncture. As a generation these women are more interconnected than ever before. This theme deals with creating common visions and strategies for the future.

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